Maya Economic Development Corporation is the 501(c)3 Economic Development Institution supporting Maya people and Maya-led organizations throughout the world.

Our Vision:

To serve as a thoughtful-strategic, intentional, Earth-based and socially responsible catalyst driving the socio-economic growth of the Maya people around the world.

Our Mission:

The ongoing mission of the Maya Economic Development Corporation, as a Q’anjob’al Maya owned enterprise, is to foster entrepreneurship among all Maya citizens, create socially responsible investment opportunities, provide access to competitive capital for Maya-owned businesses, and drive trade with other Indigenous communities and the world.

We Support Maya People and Maya-Led Organizations Around the World.

Guided by The Q’anjob’al Maya Government’s Ministry of Economy, The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, The Native Nations Institute of the University of Arizona and the Creighton University Institute for Economic Inquiry, and governed by the Maya Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors; we exist to support the prosperity, representation, creativity, self-determination and sovereignty of Maya People and the rebuilding of Maya Nation.

Want to Help?

Every donation we receive helps our organization support the prosperity and sovereignty of Maya People and Maya-Led Organizations all around the world.